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Alliance Community of Practice (CoP)

The Alliance Community of Practice (CoP) is held bimonthly online (via Webex), targeted at people who work with children and young people across community, government and the private sector; and who have an interest in child and youth mental health.

The Alliance CoP aims to provide regular opportunities for Alliance members and other stakeholders to share, learn about and discuss relevant child and youth mental health initiatives, services, research and opportunities. Members are invited to nominate topics or services they would like to learn more about or self-nominate to present.

Community of Practice meetings will seek to provide members with an opportunity to:

  • Build connections and awareness between members, including across sub-sectors and between government and non-government services
  • Share information about initiatives, opportunities, services and resources related to child and youth mental health
  • Receive presentations about research related to child and youth mental health
  • Participate in consultation and decision-making processes
  • Review, monitor, update and discuss issues related to child and youth mental health, such as emerging trends, patterns and gaps across services
  • Other activities as identified by the membership and/or the Coordinating Committee.

Community of Practice meetings are open to all Alliance members, including other team members within organisations, and other key stakeholders with an interest in child and youth mental health. 

Upcoming Alliance CoPs in 2024

Wednesday 28 February, 1 – 3pm
Tuesday 30 April, 2- 4pm
Tuesday 25 June, 2 – 4pm
Tuesday 27 August, 2 – 4pm
Tuesday 29 October, 2 – 4pm

To be included on the direct calendar invitation to receive the online meeting link, please email