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Structure of the Alliance

Structure of the Alliance

The Alliance provides a structured mechanism for community, government, private services and people with lived experience to identify key priorities, improve communication and collaboration, and support shared decision-making. 

The structure of the Alliance is adaptive and will evolve to meet the emerging needs of its membership. The existing structure seeks to provide opportunities for a range of activities to occur across different stakeholder groups, within and across sectors. The Graphic below provides a visual overview of the range of components that interact to form the broader Alliance network.  

Up to three Alliance forums are held each year to facilitate collective strategic discussions, goal setting and prioritisation, which allows stakeholders to progress service system improvements. The Alliance is supported by a Youth Reference Group, and overseen by a Coordinating Committee. Working Groups can be established to progress Alliance priorities. See Alliance Activities for more information about the two existing working groups. 

Key Documents:

Alliance Terms of Reference (Version 1)
Alliance Decision-Making Framework