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Youth Reference Group

A Youth Reference Group (YRG) has been established with young people with lived experience helping to support the work of the Alliance. This group consists of a maximum of 15 active members at anyone time and is facilitated by the Office of Mental Health and Wellbeing. The group meets monthly, providing consultation for Alliance projects and upcoming youth mental health initiatives.

More information about the CYMHSA YRG will be updated on this site in the early new year.

For more information and for inquiries about the YRG, please contact the Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing via

‘Our Say’ Youth Lived Experience FAQs Resource

‘Our Say’ compiles the broader, bigger picture questions that young people are often asked during consultations, or whilst engaged in advocacy work; along with some of the YRG members’ respective answers. 

This document has been developed by the members of the YRG as a preliminary resource to ensure those who consult with the YRG can get the most out of their time and participate in effective, meaningful engagement. It is also available as a public resource that can be referenced, quoted and utilised in a variety of projects. 

You can find more information about the resource in the ‘Before you Start’ section of the document. 

The YRG is looking to continuously improve on this document for future iterations, and appreciate and welcome all feedback. Contact the YRG for more information on

Click here to download the ‘Our Say’ Youth Lived Experience FAQs resource